Nuances is a composition in two parts. These parts differ tonally not only in that flute is used in the first movement and alto flute in the second, but also in the different instrumentation in the percussion. In the first part, woodwinds and drums dominate, i.e. instruments with short sound duration. The musical development is strongly rhythmically oriented, melodic motif chains in the flute are varied in several ways. Three virtuoso interpolations by the flute interrupt the largely rigid musical flow. The second movement is dominated by metal instruments, some with long decay times, and the timbres become more important. Here, too, individual motif bits of the flute part are constantly varied and recombined.

©Breikopf & Härtel, Wiesbaden.


for flute and percussion


15 min.


Reutlingen, 11 December 1991

Albrecht Imbescheid (flute) and Mircea Adreleanu (percussion)

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Photo © Guido Werner

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Michael Obst is a composer, pianist, and teacher. He began his successful composing career with electronic music and subsequently composed works for music theater, film and concert halls. His experience as a pianist with the Ensemble Modern, enriched his understanding of contemporary music. After 25 fulfilling years of teaching, he is now excited to once again concentrate on his own composition projects.

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