quadrophonic (1984)

Sound, duration and space in combination with extreme values are the main content of this composition. This concept compares overtone-rich instrumental sounds with percussive, noisy structures, very fast parts with nearly endless static sounds, very close acoustic rooms with vast sound spaces. The result of the realisation with the means of electronic transformations of the original sounds (piano, violin, violoncello) is music, which appears to be strange and unaccustomed without losing all association with the familiar. This reminds me of our view of myths and legends with all their strangeness, their puzzles but also their surreal scenes in contrast to those patterns of behaviour exhibited by their characters, which we know so well.

Commissioned by IPEM, Gent 1984


quadrophonic electronic music

Electronic Music Studio IPEM/Gent and Electronic Music Studio of the Conservatory of Music Cologne


Berlin, 1984

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Photo © Guido Werner

About Michael obst

Michael Obst is a composer, pianist, and teacher. He began his successful composing career with electronic music and subsequently composed works for music theater, film and concert halls. His experience as a pianist with the Ensemble Modern, enriched his understanding of contemporary music. After 25 fulfilling years of teaching, he is now excited to once again concentrate on his own composition projects.

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