It has always fascinated me to use music as a possibility to design a fantasy of sound, thus opening spaces and projections with imaginary action. In this respect, Trois Rêves is the renewed attempt at such a design, whereby the strict architecture of the formal and harmonic structure of the three parts serves only as a shell for the actual musical events. The sound as fantasy and the musical gestures as moving acoustic images are the actual contents of this music. Symmetry serves the structural clarity in the composition as well as in the choice of instruments: three instruments each from three different groups (strings, woodwinds, brass) form an imaginary circle and stand opposite the duality of harp and piano.

Commissioned by ensemble KONTRASTE, Nuremberg 2009

©Verlag Neue Musik, Berlin



14 min.


  • Nuremberg, 10 April 2010

    Ensemble Kontraste, cond: Peter Hirsch

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Photo © Guido Werner

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Michael Obst is a composer, pianist, and teacher. He began his successful composing career with electronic music and subsequently composed works for music theater, film and concert halls. His experience as a pianist with the Ensemble Modern, enriched his understanding of contemporary music. After 25 fulfilling years of teaching, he is now excited to once again concentrate on his own composition projects.

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