Te Deum, the Latin hymn of praise, is a historical text that impressively represents Christian faith on both substantial and ritual levels. The importance of the human being within creation along with religion as a basic component of human existence on the one hand, and the obvious insignificance of the human species within the infinity of the universe that has evolved as the result of numerous accidents on the other hand, seem to have manifested themselves as insurmountable opposites. I reflect this idea in my poem When joy and pleasure change to burden.

This composition is based on the juxtaposition of these two texts. However, it is not so much a suggestion of how to solve the unsolvable or a preference of one particular perspective, as it is a musical way of asking the question itself.

©Verlag Neue Musik, Berlin


for six-part mixed choir

12 min.



  • Stuttgart, 19 June 2015

    Chamber Choir of the Music University FRANZ LISZT Weimar, cond: Jürgen Puschbeck

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Michael Obst is a composer, pianist, and teacher. He began his successful composing career with electronic music and subsequently composed works for music theater, film and concert halls. His experience as a pianist with the Ensemble Modern, enriched his understanding of contemporary music. After 25 fulfilling years of teaching, he is now excited to once again concentrate on his own composition projects.

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