for vocal ensemble and orchestra (2021/22)

Songbook is not a typical choral work with orchestra. The voices are embedded in the orchestral sound for long passages, and in many places there is a tonal fusion of the voices with the instruments. Songbook is a two-part composition (Songbook I Songbook II). Songbook I can be performed without Songbook II, while Songbook II can only be performed together with Songbook I.

©Verlag Neue Musik, Berlin


  • Vocalists: [3sop., 3mezzo-sop, 3alto, 3ten., 3 bar., 3 bass.]
    or: [sop., mezzo-sop., alto, ten., bar., bass.]
  • Orchestra: [2fl.(picc/afl).2ob(Eh).2clar.bass-clar.2bsn.(cbsn)-4Frhn.2trp.2trb.tba – 3perc – cel – pno – hp- str]


  • Weimar 23 June 2022
    World première Songbook I: Choir and Orchestra of the Music University FRANZ LISZT Weimar, cond. Nicolás Pasquet
  • Erfurt 24 May 2024, Leipzig 26 May 2024
    World première Songbook I + II: Choir and Orchestra of the MDR Leipzig, cond. Dennis Russel Davies

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