My focus is always on the project at hand. A new compositional task must appeal to me; the attraction lies in solving the musical challenge.

MIchael Obst

Espaces Sonores is based on an electroacoustic work of the same name composed in 2004. The focus here was not on the instrumentation of the electronic sounds, but on their structural presence through a lively orchestral sound. The addition of soloists expands the exchange between themes/motifs and the often-broad orchestral framework, creating musical depth. Themes and motifs do not assume a form-building function in the traditional sense, but are free to be used to build character, follow different musical moods, and shape the multi-layered sound experience.

Commissioned by MDR Radio, Leipzig 2004

©Verlag Neue Musik, Berlin


Orchestra: -2.2.2.bcl(also cbcl ad lib.).2(also cbsn).-4.2(in C).3.-perc(2)-cel.-hp-str.

30 min.


Leipzig, 17 Jan. 2006

MDR Wind Quintet: Christian Sprenger, flute; Norbert Strobel, oboe; Matthias Haller, clarinet; Max Hilpert, Horn; Axel Andrae, bassoon;

MDR Symphony Orchestra, cond: Rolf Gupta

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Photo © Guido Werner

About Michael obst

Michael Obst is a composer, pianist, and teacher. He began his successful composing career with electronic music and subsequently composed works for music theater, film and concert halls. His experience as a pianist with the Ensemble Modern, enriched his understanding of contemporary music. After 25 fulfilling years of teaching, he is now excited to once again concentrate on his own composition projects.

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